Pretend to Care

The deep conversation with Phinn Marr and Jeff Savage about pastoral care, pastoral work, and church dynamics. Phinn is the Pastor at the 1st Baptist Church at Kenosha, Wisconsin and an Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Carthage College. Jeff is the Pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Springfield, Oregon as a Spiritual Director for students at George Fox Seminary.


The Deep Conversation

Can you believe that pastors can get tired, exhausted, and at time apathetic? Can you believe that they cannot get to that place where they can easily love everyone? Well, maybe not, but there are times when they get tired, feel empty, and worn out. And those times are a little more difficult to offer the compassion and care that they would like to give.

Phinn and Jeff wonder about the boundaries and expectations of pastors. Are pastors supposed to be present for everyone no matter what? Are they supposed to be the personal therapist for each person? There is a danger to such an expectation because there are going to be times when other concerns, other needs arise and the pastor cannot make his or her desired visits. The truth is that the pastor is going to disappoint you, because he or she is human and relationships all hold disappointment.

The danger of guilt can weigh heavy on the pastor and can lead to burnout. It is important for the pastor to have a sense of her or his identity in one’s ordination and to hold to that identity. It is important to not be pulled too far in one direction or another because that can lead to exhaustion and burnout.


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