Mosquitos and Chill

Phinn Marr is back and joined by Jeff Savage – two pastors who are very different talking about pastoral care and the like. Phinn is the Pastor at the 1st Baptist Church at Kenosha, Wisconsin and an Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Carthage College. Jeff is the Pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Springfield, Oregon and a Spiritual Director for students at George Fox Seminary.

Phinn and Jeff are very East/West Coast, good friends, but from very different sides of the same coin.

Riliage –

Jeff is angry about people who have an opinion, who share that opinion, but who do not want to do anything about it. If you feel strongly about it, then get off your but and do something about it!

Jonathan hates mosquitos, he hates them a lot and has a hard time being in a good and peaceful place with God when they are buzzing around and causing trouble. Stupid mosquitos!

Phinn is chill. He is all about the chill. But he is a little angry about how slow and messy and inept the justice system can be.


Psalm 55:12-14 – read the whole psalm, but specifically get a sense on how difficult it can be to be in relationship with others. It is one of those difficult and painful psalms that speaks to the reality of human struggles.

Watcha’ Into

Phinn is all about the chill, especially Van Morrison, George Harrison, and the Grateful Dead. And Little Feet. And Game of Thrones.

Jeff is into gardening, hanging out with his grandkids, reading Franciscan theology, and watching Game of Thrones.

Jonathan is not into Game of Thrones. He is too hip for that, but instead into Captain America: Civil War, and….. the Anime Show Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He wins the nerd award!


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Jeff and Phinn about Pastoral Care and that sort of thing.