Unity Hugs

Author and Speaker Alexis Donkin talks to Jonathan about what it means to learn about different faith traditions and being compassionate within and among them. Check out her website and her curriculum Six Degrees of Separation that teaches about other faith traditions.

The Deep Conversation

There are similarities and differences among different faith traditions. One of the major similarities is that are all practiced by humans, and therefore when we have an experience that is good or bad we can relate to feeling good or bad. This can lead to a sense of compassion that we can have towards each other. We may have differences along doctrinal lines, but we can understand compassion, kindness, and love.

Consider what your “best practices” might be for your own faith tradition and how those practices may overlap with other faith traditions. And try to be nice to each other.

And, be active in your faith community. You need to be active, involved, and living within a faith community if you want to change that community and be involved with other traditions of faith. Apathy is an approach with little to no compassion.


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