Broken Safety

Jonathan is joined by Steven Williamson for this episode. Steven is a tattoo artist at Art Freek Tattoo in Providence, a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, an adjunct faculty at the University of Rhode Island, and on the board of directors of Project Weber (an organization that reaches out to male sex workers in Rhode Island). He is not an overachiever by any stretch of the imagination.

Riliage –

This episode was recorded on the heels of the shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando making most of the riliage a response to that tragedy. The anger and hurt are very real and continue to be very real because such an attack on the LGBTQ community in a “safe place” or a sanctuary of sorts is not something that is easily forgotten. Nor should it be.

In addition to the anger and sadness of the Orlando shootings, Steven wanted to add to the anger. He is looking for “real conservatives.” He yearns for the conservatives like Edmund Burke. It has been a while since Burke has been around, so Steven is deep in his longing for true conservatives. Read some Burke!


Job 23 – there is a searching and a yearning for the presence of God that is not found. It can be helpful to find a passage in the Bible that expresses a yearning that so many of us feel and experience on a regular basis. It reminds us that we are not bad for doubting and yearning for God’s presence.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan recently re-watched the classic film Dr. Zhivago. A great movie about humanity and a yearning for beauty and peace.

Steve is enjoying the anime show Naruto Shippuden – it is always good to watch intense, complex cartoon shows with English subtitles!


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Steven about doubt and the church