Group Faith Training

The deep conversation with Jabulani McCalister, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island. Jabulani is not only a great pastor, but is also a Voice Artist who does a number of different recordings. Go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to hear some of his work.

The Deep Conversation

How do we mentor young people in their lives? Not just helping people make good choices, but to live in such a way that calls you to be the kind of person that God desires you to be. Perhaps it starts with finding a passion. Or it starts with someone telling you that you have a gift or a passion and then taking a chance with that gift or passion.

The role of the community is integral in this process. One can grow on their own, but to have a community help someone guide can make a big difference. Having a community correct and celebrate and guide young people is a major way in which people can grow in their faith.

What is important is that we do grow in our faith and that we encourage others to grow in their faith. And we are never done growing, we are never done becoming the person that God is calling us to be.


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