Angry Voice Artists

For this episode, Jonathan is joined by Jabulani McCalister, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island. Jabulani is not only a great pastor, but is also a Voice Artist who does a number of different recordings. Go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to hear some of his work.

Riliage –

Back at the political problems – Jonathan is upset about the lack of responsibility that Trump seems to be taking for the actions of his supporters when the would get violent. If you are fomenting the anger and suggesting that the idea of violence might be ok, then you are in part responsible for the violence that happens.

Jabulani is tired of people denying that racism is real and continues to be a real problem in our American culture. Don’t tell him that you are color blind, to tell him that the problem is done and over with, because we still have a lot to struggle and wrestle with.


Ephesians 4:11-12 – looking at the different spiritual gifts and the ways in which the pastor is to help and encourage someone to grow into those gifts.

Watcha’ Into

Jabulani is into self-care and taking those moments and appointments seriously. He is trying hard to take care of himself and this is good. People, take care of yourself!

Jonathan is reading Victor Frankle’s Man’s Search for Meaning – a good book, but not an easy one to work through.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Jabulani McCalister – working with/mentoring youth.