Stop Blaming the Raven!

Writer and public theologian Adam Ericsksen joins Jonathan for a conversation about scripture, false dichotomies, and sports fun. Adam is an editor and contributor of the Raven Foundation, a contributor for the Patheos column “Teaching Nonviolent Atonement,” the youth pastor at Symnra Congregational Church in OR, and the author of the e-book Dodging the Parenting Trap. He is your basic, Girardian overachiever!


Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about people who say that they are persecuted for their Christian faith in America. There is real persecution of Christians that happens in other places in the world, but not being able to have a supreme place in culture, or trying to be sensitive of other people’s places of culture or faith or beliefs is not persecution. So stop whining!

Adam moved the conversation to the wider, broader context and is angry about the false dichotomies that are created in the political sphere. As much as we are told that is an “us and them,” life is not that simple or easy to categorize. Take a moment, make a couple of Venn diagrams, and realize that there are a number of similarities, or at least nuances of similarities among the us and the them.



Acts 17:22-25 – a great example of Paul practicing as a public theologian


Watcha’ Into

Adam is into March Madness – and note that Jonathan actually picked the winner – and the show “Naked and Afraid” – we should wonder if Adam is preparing to be a part of that show.

Jonathan is into is new bicycling and going fast with all of those new, fancy gears.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Adam Ericksen and doing public theology