Listen to Your Grandma

Jamie Washam, pastor of the First Baptist Church in America (FBCIA) joins Jonathan for this first part of their conversation. While she is now in Providence, RI, she originally comes from West Texas but for some reason has never watched Friday Night Lights (the television show). Despite that glaring omission of life experiences (she claims she lived it and does not have to watch it), it is good to have Jamie on the show.


Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about the Quicken Mortgage App featured on a Superbowl television ad. It speaks to and pushes the idea of getting more and more stuff and that is supposed to make life better.

Jamie is fed up with the notion that different people worship different gods and can never find any common ground. The shocker is that especially Islam, Judaism, and Christianity may actually follow the same God even though they use different names. Is it possible that God can be known by different names?!


Ecclesiastes 9 – the whole thing – live well and each day as it comes.

Watcha’ Into

Jamie is into Gardening. She wants to tour around to every church in the country and make gardens out of their lawns. All she needs is a bus and she is ready to go!

Jonathan is into the film The Grand Budapest Hotel – a delightful Wes Anderson work


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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Jamie Washam – forgiveness and the Earth