Recycling Forgiveness

The deep conversation with Jamie Washam, pastor of the First Baptist Church in America (FBCIA).


When we think about forgiveness, we often think about our relationships with other people or with God, but what about our relationship with creation? We have made a mess of God’s creation, and maybe we need to ask for forgiveness for the ways that we have neglected God’s creation.


When it comes to our relationship with the earth we need to look for and work for forgiveness because we have created a lot of messes and have a lot for which we need to request forgiveness. Jamie is big into composting, reusing, and making something new out of the mess that we have created. There is much grace to be found in the idea that God can take our “trash, garbage, refuse” and make something new and good and bring life.


When we ask for forgiveness we are bringing forward those messes in our lives and hoping something new can come forward. Our faith calls us to give our mess to God and to trust and find the new life that can come from what we may regard as a mess but God may see as a possibility for new life.


All that being said, compost, compost, compost.



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