Persecution and Suffering

The deep conversation between Mike Denton and Jonathan. For those who do not remember from the previous episode, Mike is the Conference Minister of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Christ of Christ.


Jonathan wonders if persecution really happens. Well, people listen to this podcast, so…


Mike and Jonathan start with wondering about the narrative of Kim Davis, the woman in Kentucky who is not signing marriage licenses because she does not believe in same-sex marriage. Is her jailing persecution? Mike will not let it go and pushes and makes Jonathan squirm. From there they talk about what it means to struggle and suffer for one’s faith.


Christianity is not supposed to be easy, but it filled with grace. We are supposed to be outside of the norm, pushing the accepted, speaking truth to power, but we are to do it with charity. This means that there will be times that we struggle and suffer. Yet it is easy to make the struggling and persecution the focus of our ministry and that is when we may be getting it wrong.


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