Absurd Conversations

The deep conversation between Adam Ericksen and Jonathan Malone. While this is technically the 101th episode it is the deep conversation of the 100th so it is both the 100th and the 101th. Head. Explode.

Adam is the pastor of faith development for Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, Oregon, and the Educational Coordinator for the Raven Foundation.

The Deep Conversation

 Ever wonder what Jonathan is thinking when he decides to have conversations with people and record them and such? Ever wonder what it is that compels him to post 100 episodes? It comes out of a sense of the absurd. Those of you who have a sense of faith should have a sense of the absurd and bring that absurdity into the conversation. Yet it is not a mocking absurdity but one that is very serious and respectful (mostly).

Good conversations are important to have. It is a precious thing to have that space to get deep with someone, have a long-form conversation, to be honest, be pushed and to push back. This is one of the major reasons why Jonathan has this podcast – to claim and find that space. In this time when we keep our conversations to small bites, or to things that are safe, or to adversarial sides, it is good to have a space when we can take our time and go deep and wonder with someone and see where the conversation goes. And, the deep secret is, you don’t need to have a podcast experience those deep conversations.

So… the deep conversation is about the deep conversation. Mind blown again!


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