Episode 100!

The 100th Episode! We are changing everything up with this episode. This time Jonathan is the guest and Adam Ericksen is running the show. Adam is the pastor of faith development for Lake Oswego United Church of Christ in Oregon and the Educational Coordinator for the Raven Foundation. Jonathan is the regular host of this podcast and the pastor of the First Baptist Church of East Greenwich. He has now recorded about 100 of these podcasts.

Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about people not making any comments on iTunes or anywhere else about this podcast. It does not take long to like and rate the show or to leave a little comment, and it really makes a big difference. Come on people – help him out!

Adam is angry about politics, specifically the tape where Donald Trump is bragging about sexually assaulting women. We may think that such a riliage is moot on this side of the election, but it is important that we do not forget who it is that is going to be the next president.


John 3:1-10 – possibly one of the first great podcast conversations between Jesus and Nicodemus

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into listening to podcasts, lots and lots of podcasts. No wonder why his children do not recognize him.

Adam is into all of the activities that his children are into – sports, video games, and My Little Pony: Friendship Magic


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Next Episode – the deep conversation between Adam and Jonathan about the ministry of podcasting