The Perfect Lineup

The deep conversation with Bob Houghtaling, the Director of the East Greenwich, RI Drug Program as well as the president of the East Greenwich Academy Foundation. He also podcasts at Mulling it Over. Bob and Jonathan discuss various mentors that can be found in scripture and the examples they set.

The Deep Conversation

One of the great things about the Bible is that the majority of the characters are multivalent in their strengths and weaknesses. We do not find many two dimensional characters in scripture who are all good or all evil (some may even argue that even Satan is shown to have a deep complexity in his person/character). This means that there is more often than not a place where we can connect with the humanity of the people who are found in scripture.

Keep this in mind as Bob offers six people who he would look to as mentors and examples for one striving to live a good and complete life. Almost everyone that Bob mentions has a complexity to their character. They are people with flaws and faults as well as moments when they rise to the best of their humanity.

There is a significant strain of grace that we can found in the scriptures when we can look at these stories of people working to be in relationship with God and those who we claim to be heroes are people who get it right and at other times get it wrong. That should give us hope that there is room for us even when we get it wrong, which we will from time to time.

And now…. the list of Bob Houghtaling’s Biblical Mentors:

King Solomon

The Samaritan (from Jesus’ Parable)

Saul of Tarsus (to become Paul)

David, the King

Mary Magdalene

Jesus Christ


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