Stop the Madness, Start the Healing

Bob Houghtaling is a not a churchy type of person, but someone who has a deep spirituality and well thought out faith. Officially, he is the Director of the East Greenwich, RI Drug Program as well as the president of the East Greenwich Academy Foundation. He also podcasts at Mulling it Over. He joins Jonathan to talk about faith and mentoring and great books to read and as you will find has a lot to offer to the churchy people like Jonathan. (BTW, go and read his post about Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize on Theological Snob)

Riliage –

Jonathan is against the death penalty. This is not new, but his riliage is in response to a recent move in Ohio to approve new drugs for lethal injection so that the state can resume the practice of killing people. The system itself is immoral, is broken, and makes Jonathan very angry. Grrr.

Bob ups the anti of being angry and says that he is angry about racial tension and strife that is such a real and living part of our country right now. Bob, a folky of the 60s, wants everyone to give peace a chance, but not just in a lip-service kind of way, but in a way that calls one to roll up their sleeves and engage in the difficult work of trying to give peace a chance. Don't just sing the song, make it real.


2 Kings 2:6, 9-14 – This is the story of Elijah passing on his mantle and leadership to Elisha. It calls us to consider what it means to pass on leadership and responsibility.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan has just finished reading Harold Kushner’s book How Good do you Have to Be?  And the answer is…. well... we don’t want to spoil it.

Bob is enjoying the profound power of Eli Wiesel’s Night as well as the wicked humor found in C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. An interesting contrast.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Bob Houghtaling about the mentors in the Bible