Listen and Sing

It’s a musical version of Twelve Enough! Not really, but it is about singing and music. More in the next episode, the deep conversation, but there will be a little bit of music talk in this one. It is all because Jonathan’s guest, Benjamin Kramarz, has written a book, A Guide to Songleading and Communal Singing. It is not easy to talk to someone who is so into music and singing and to not talk about music.


Ben Kramarz is a music educator, Jewish community organizer, research, author, and… songleader. Check out his website!

Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about a what can be seen as an anti-Muslim bias in news/media coverage. He is specifically speaking about the Kansas militia group known as “The Crusaders” who were plotting to bomb a Somali neighborhood in an apartment complex. This happened in October, and you read about it on this Washington Post article.

Ben is angry about Chabad Jews in his neighborhood pushing a very specific view and practice of Judaism on others (especially during the time of Sukkot) It is an assumption that there is only one way to view the world and anything different is unthinkable.


Exodus 15, especially verses 20 and 21 – as a special treat, Ben offers his translation of the Hebrew text. It would be great if Ben could do this for all of the readings from the Hebrew Scriptures that Jonathan does. Singing and music and expressing one's faith is great.

Watcha’ Into

Watch the documentary Grey Gardens and then watch the Documentary Now satirical homage to Grey Gardens, “Sandy Passage” and then thank Jonathan for an amazing experience.


Ben is into the holidays and getting his book into the world. Go and buy and read his book A Guide to Songleading and Communal Singing


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Next Episode – what does it mean to lead songs/worship and how can we do it well?