Small Party Hats

At the Biennial Mission Summit, Jonathan met the brilliant and witty David Reese Weasley, former chair of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (he is still on the board but no longer has to try to keep everyone in line). David is also looking for work in the Pacific Northwest.


They got together on the day that the Supreme Court declared that gay marriage is legal, and for the deep conversation talked about what that decision might mean, and what kind of work churches still have to undertake.


The decision is a celebration for all of those who believe in LGBTQ rights and that marriage should be something that all people should be able to enjoy (or not enjoy as happens with half of all heterosexual marriages). Yet it does not mean that all is well for LGBTQ folks in the religious arena.

There continue to be churches that condemn people, Christians who say that they are sinful just for being who they are. There continue to be many wounds and hurts inflicted by Christians that people live with, and that is not ok. We should celebrate, but not for long because there still is much work to do. There are people looking for churches where they will feel welcomed and affirmed and cannot find them. There is still much work to do.


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