Weddings and Minotaurs

At the Biennial Mission Summit, Jonathan met the brilliant and witty David Reese Weasley, former chair of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (he is still on the board but no longer has to try to keep everyone in line). David is also looking for work in the Pacific Northwest.

They got together on the day that the Supreme Court declared that gay marriage is legal, which is the deep conversation and will be posted in the next episode. But for this episode we get all the other parts.

Riliage –

Jonathan has an issue with people who don’t observe proper elevator etiquette – look before you get on you philistines! And, he has an issue with a Minotaur.

David is a vegetarian and doesn’t like the fact that he has to pay full price for a salad with chicken that does not have chicken – why would he have to pay for something that is not there?


John 2:1-11 – the Wedding Passage! Jesus is at a wedding, they are out of wine, and whatever shall they do? Good thing the Son of God was there to save the day. 

Jesus notices things - the little things that other tend to miss and that can become a big deal. This can be helpful and lift us up or it can call us out because of whatever it is that we are doing. It is good for God to be involved in our lives, even when we do not want it.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan is into Janet Fitch’s book White Oleander – kinda poetic, kinda gritty, and kinda a good book. Not for young eyes.

David is doing Spiritual Direction… with role playing like Dungeon and Dragons and Tarot Cards (but we will call it Jungian Archetypes). It could be amazing, or just a quick path to despair and could involve a Minotaur.


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Next Episode – the Deep Conversation with David Weasley