We are Mired in It!

Season 4, episode 2

Originally Posted 11-23-13

Because we can’t keep our sinning to just one episode… 

Because sin goes beyond the human individual….

Because sin effects us all in many different ways…


We decided to continue our thoughts and comments on sin. Once again we are lucky to have Darin Collins as our guest host with Jonathan. The podcast was organically recorded in Harrisville, RI – all natural.

In this episode we start with Rauschenbusch and his classic text, A Theology for the Social Gospel. As Jonathan so rudely pointed out, it is important to keep Rauschenbusch in historical context, especially as he dismisses the 1st and 2nd Commandments. Apparently we still have a difficult time honoring the Lord God and not putting any other God’s before the divine. Rauschenbusch does point to ways in which corporations and systems are all part and parcel to sinful workings in society. 

Walter Wink looks at the powers and principles and the ways in which they control or manipulate institutions/people to do sinful things. Churches are not necessarily bad, just corrupt at times. Banks do not have to be the enemy, only when they are possessed. 

The trouble is trying to exist in such a world, with such systemic sin. It is something that we cannot avoid no matter how hard we may try. Kinda makes you sad and wish there was another way or option or some kind of redemption. That is another episode for another time. The point is that sin is bigger than simply the individual and effects us all at many different walks of life. And we, as Christians (or really nice people who aren’t Christians but who want to make a difference in the world) should call out sin as what it is.

So when Jesus says, “Go and sin no more…” is there a way to answer that holds the complexity of the reality of the world?

Rialige – 

Darin is angry about drone warfare and the innocent people that are dying – not to mention the dissociation from violence that drones produce

Jonathan is angry about Christians who are trying to take away Halloween. Lets keep Christ out of Halloween!


Opening the Word – 

Luke 24:44-49

If you are going to read scripture with a bias (which all Christians do) let’s at least be honest about it. We read scripture through the lens of Jesus Christ and that means we are going to have particular ways of understanding the text.

Also, wait

Wait for the Holy Spirit

Don’t rush it



Watcha Into

Darin is into DirtyWars, a documentary by Jeremary Scahill; no wonder he is so cranky all the time

Jonathan is reading Freud, Introductory Lectures to Psycho-Analysis; no wonder he is so nerdy all the time



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