Sin, Sin, Sin, Sin

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We’re getting our sin on! Considering the economy, the crime rate, the general drop in beautiful people, can you blame us for looking to get a little sinful? In this historic first episode with Darin Collins we begin what looks like will be a three-part series on sin.

Jonathan is trying to tow an orthodox line by starting with Augustine and bringing in a little bit of Aquinas. Who would have thought that Jonathan could actually be orthodox? Darin, on the other hand, is a madman who goes right to James McClendon’s understanding of sin (from his systematic theology). Darin has no sense of boundary or propriety.

Here is a basic break-down. Sin can be an individual thing, a breaking of relationships with God and others. That is not good and makes everyone sad.

Sin can also be a social thing, a sense of not living with the ordering of the reign of God (or as Yoder might say, with the grain of the universe). We are not fully aware of how we sin until we embrace the grace of Christ. It is at that point when our eyes are opened to the ways that God desires us to live. Once again, when we do not live in a way that fits with God’s reign then everyone is sad.

In conclusion, sin makes people (and God) sad.



Darin hates the 1%. Actually he doesn’t hate the 1%, he just hates the way they seem to be getting all of the profit gains while the majority are working more and having nothing to show for it.

Jonathan is angry at crazy reconstructionist Christians who seem to be pushing for a total government collapse that can be replaced with a theocracy. Why can’t Jonathan just relax?

Opening the Word:

John 7:37-39

Darin tackles this one and offers a transgendered view of Jesus (not really, but kinda). Read it and look for Christ’s new creation.

Whatca’ Into?

Darin is watching Hunted (not to be confused with the 1980s classicHunter) – a happy, go-lucky show about a family learning about the great outdoors and the grandeur of God’s creation. Actually it is a Cinemax show that deals with morality, betrayal, and has great fight scenes.

Jonathan is reading Foucault. <Nerd!> Something about Discipline and Punishment and is keeping an open mind about how the church can adopt more discipline and punishment when it comes to sin.