Vacation and Sabbath

Archived - Season 5, episode 9

Guest hosts – Marilyn, Anthony F., Anthony J., Beth, and Jeremiah Malone – all related to Jonathan and still willing to take part in this podcast.

Here is the breakdown:

Anthony F. – Jonathan’s dad; a pediatrician and grandfather

Marilyn – Jonathan’s mom; former camp director, former physical therapist, current grandmother and daughter

Beth – Jonathan’s sister; child therapist (play therapy); mother and aunt

Anthony J. – Jonathan’s son; violinist; teenager; youtube at those_wierd_kids

Jeremiah – Jonathan’s son; tuba player; smart aleck

Some of them are members of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Albany, NY

The last of the summer episodes – we will get back to the breakneck speed of recording and posting soon.

From the pastoral, rolling hills and bucolic golfing grounds of Massanutten, VA Jonathan has pulled in his family members to speak about the notion of Sabbath. It figures that even while he is supposed to be on vacation Jonathan still has to do some kind of work-related thing.

First, Sabbath is different then just getting a day off. It is finding that time to reconnect, recharge, and perhaps most importantly finding balance or harmony with one’s relationships. These relationships include those with the family, those with creation, those with the community, that with the self, and that with God. When it is put that way it seems kinda important, doesn’t it?

Part of Sabbath is going to church. Not just because your mother will yell at you if you don’t go to church, but there is something important about being with other people who ascribe and celebrate a similar faith and hold to similar values. Jonathan offered the notion (from Walter Breuggemann) that Sabbath can be an act of protest in the face of a society that is constantly moving from one thing to the next. It is saying that being busy is not always important and does not necessarily increase one’s value as a person.

If nothing else, it is important to step out of the regular rhythms of the week, be intentional about relationships, and take a break. After all, you deserve it!

Rialage –

Watch out all of you golfers because Jonathan is not happy with you. Something about not letting him run on the courses because it isn’t safe. Now if it were disc golf that would be a whole other story.

Marilyn is angry about the behemoth car seats and how much time and energy they take to move from one vehicle to another. It would be better to just have the kid rest on your legs, right?

Jeremiah is angry about the stupid, seemingly arbitrary rules that adults dictate from on high telling kids what they can and cannot do. Stupid rules!

Anthony F. is angry about kids (and adults) not wearing bicycle helmets. Seriously, wear the darn helmet.

Anthony J. realizes that adults just don’t understand especially when it comes to eating.


Micah 6:8

It is a fun one that has a high bar!

Watcha’ Into

Marilyn is into taking a challenge – specifically the rope course/zip line

Anthony J. is into swimming. For some reason when he is holding his breath he can think better.

Beth is kinda into Orange Is The New Black but even more is into playing Ultimate (Frisbee).

Anthony F. is into photography, but even more into not taking pictures and being in the moment without a camera at his side (he is also into experiences of withdrawal)

Jonathan is into Parker Palmer’s book Let Your Life Speak – good read on vocation and living

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