There is Forgiveness?

Originally Posted on 12-6-13

Season 4, Episode 3

I admit it, this is going to be a “slap-dash” posting. I am behind with show notes and want to catch up. So….

With the main topic Jonathan and Darin finish their conversation about sin and talk about the role of the cross. They look at a couple of different views:

Substitutionary Atonement – Christ died for our sins, plain and simple. Not much emphasis on the resurrection, but that wasn’t as hard as the crucifixion so should not have that great of an impact

Existential Christianity (via Paul Tillich) – In the crucifixion and the resurrection we see the greatest despair and in response the greatest hope. The crucifixion shows us how far humanity can fall and the resurrection show us how much God can love (there is no limit). Great view of the resurrection, but not a great view of the crucifixion.

Rene Girard – Scapegoat theory and more! Basically in the crucifixion Christ takes on the desires and rage and jealousy of humanity and ends the cycle (or demonstrates it for the world to see). In the resurrection the cycles is full broken. Keeps a sense of the atonement but weak on resurrection.

What both Jonathan and Darin are trying to say is that the crucifixion and resurrection are important, perhaps the apex of Christian faith, and needs to be taken seriously. It also means that it cannot be neatly packaged into one idea or another but always pushes beyond.

Rialige –

Jonathan is ticked off at the Methodist campaign about “rethinkingchurch” – it is nothing new or radical, just ignored

Darin offers a list of the worst companies when it comes to employ payment. Get ready to feel guilty (at least it isn’t Walmart).

Opening the Word -

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Remember that what you have is from God, what you gain is from God, and please, please, please remember to offer thanks to God!

Watcha Into -

Jonathan is snotty and is watching Ingmar Bergman’s Through a Glass Darkly

Darin is watching one of the greatest shows ever: Firefly


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