Please Stop Listening


Andrew Malone joins Jonathan for this “Watcha Into” episode to discuss Van Morrison’s great album Moondance. Andrew, Jonathan’s brother, is a local musician in the Boston area. He has played with Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, World’s Greatest Sinners, and Jordan Valentine and the Sunday Saints. Check out Andrew’s musical breakbeats at his website


Despite the amount of times that Jonathan says it, he really doesn’t want you to stop listening. He is actually glad that you listen. We are all glad that you listen. What we are hearing is the full snobbery of Jonathan emerging from time to time, but it is really no surprise. What is the surprise is that Jonathan actually listened to Moondance; this is not in his usual listening cue.


In discussing Moondance, Jonathan and Andrew talk about the value of a safe, controlled song, the comfort it offers, and when that is appropriate. They also talk about what makes something a classic and why it is important to listen to classics. Also heard are selections from Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.


Andrew also mentioned the following video of Van Morrison playing “Caravan” with “The Band”: Video -


And, as the Christmas season nears, listen to this song that Andrew and Jonathan recorded years ago: