Bad Burritos and Soggy Pitas


Michael Strickland joins Jonathan to discuss the prophet Micaiah, and speaking truth, and good use of props. Michael is the pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Atchison, Kansas.


1 Kings 22:1-36

This is the passage that Michael and Jonathan are discussing, and it is a long one! So Jonathan and Michael take their time walking through the scripture, and there is a lot to walk through.


The hero of the story is the prophet Micaiah who is great about always bringing a true (albeit negative) word to the king. One question to consider if that is a word you want to hear. It is easy to surround yourself with “yes” prophets, with words that you know are going to be positive and affirming. There are times when it is good and nice to hear positive and uplifting words. We need to be lifted up and find hope from time to time. But then there are other times when we need to hear the hard, harsh word. This is a word that we may want to run away from and the kings in the story want to run away from Micaiah’s harsh word.


Of the many take-aways that we can find is the call to listen to the harsh word. We all have those aspects in our lives, those places and struggles that we have that needs to hear the harsh word from the Lord. And we can decide to listen or to ignore.


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