Ground Truth


The second Starbucks Employee to be on the podcast – Alex Hand – joins Jonathan to discuss coffee, truth, and Jesus’ words in scripture. Alex brings not only a passion for coffee but for good conversation (which gets to the deep conversation – next episode). There were some technical difficulties, but a little inserted music makes it all ok.

Riliage –

Look for truth. Look closely for it and try find it – that seems to be a theme for the riliage.

Alex is angry about people who reject the commonly held truth and then claim that their belief is an overall, objective truth that cannot be criticized or rejected. It is one thing to hold to a conspiracy theory and another to hold to your theory without any room for any discussion at all. Have a little humility with your crackpot ideas!

Jonathan is angry about Scientism – or that idea that all truth can be found in science and in nothing else. It is one thing to say that much can be found in science, and Jonathan believes this, but it is when all mysteries are believed to be solved through science without any influence from the arts or…. religion.  It is the arrogance that some place in science and nothing else that gets to Jonathan.


John 14:1-7 –

This is a passage that is often used for funerals that give believers a sense of hope for their loved ones. Alex is not necessarily a believer so the conversation about what is next, about the presence of God, and about life after death is very interesting.

Watcha’ Into

As Jonathan continues to watch obscure and not well known movies, he is into the 2009 Austrian film Revanche – very good with a great twist.

Alex is into biographies about Steve Jobs and Keith Richards. He is trying to figure out a way to combine the two lives into his own.


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Next Episode – The Deep Conversation with Alex about how to have good conversations