Down With Tolerance


Down with Tolerance and up with Diversity!

Doug Avilesbernal wrote a book – Welcoming Community: Diversity That Works, and if you ever want to get on the podcast then write a book. It is not required, but it sure helps. In this deep conversation, Jonathan and Doug discuss the book, the ideas of community, and the like.

The Deep Conversation

 Let it be known that Doug is in favor of diversity in community and has worked hard to help the church community he pastors grow into a deep diversity in its community. With that being said, Doug is not pushing for tolerance as it is commonly understood, but for a radical view of equality within a community. Tolerance creates a sense of some still being over and above others. It does not create a sense community that is reflective of the Kingdom of God. Yet the kind of community that Doug is advocating is not one of “same-ness.” It is not a sense of equality where everyone is exactly the same, but one where the different gifts and abilities are all respected in their differences.

We all have different gifts and abilities. We are different people and we will contribute in different ways at different times. It is important to realize that and for the community to make space for people to grow into their own gifts and abilities. This is an equality that is essential but not easy to achieve.

Check out Doug’s book: Welcoming Community: Diversity that Works published by Judson Press for more of Doug’s ideas and his own experiences with his church.

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