A Political Hangover

This is the first episode that Jonathan has recorded since the election and it feels like he has been just sitting on his thoughts until now and just wants to keep talking and talking and talking about it. Good thing the episode is with the well-tempered, rational, and careful Kansas native Jerrod Hugenot. This is Jerrod’s second time on the podcast and he knows how to keep Jonathan settled and calm and in check.

Jerrod Hugenot is the Associate Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of New York State. He blogs at Preaching and Pondering and is just a basically good person. You can hear his dog, Fable, offering thoughts in the background throughout the episode.

Riliage –

Ok. We get it. The election happened and people are responding in various ways. So that must mean that Jonathan has to offer his two cents – and those are that it is not ok to just say “Merry Christmas” to anyone, or in general to adopt behaviors and attitudes that were expressed through political campaigns. If you don’t know that I am a Christian, then inviting me to have a “Merry Christmas” may not make sense to me. Further, it is not ok to impose one’s values in a brutish and mean way on others just because some of the leadership displays such behaviors.

Jerrod, on the other hand, worries about people being excluded in the recent political climate. He worries about immigrants, minorities, and others who have been pushed to the margins. He has previously written about his concerns in the Christian Citizen article, “Despite the Cacophony Against ‘Them.’”


Why not continue political dance party and talk about Romans 13:1-7. This is a passage that has been problematic for some and an opportunity to be smug for others. Jerrod brings historical insight to the question of how to be politically connected but still true to your faith.


Watcha’ Into

Jerrod streams shows while resting in a canoe in placid streams. It is a beautiful picture. Currently he is enjoying the Netflix series The Crown

Jonathan is watching slightly absurd Italian films – specifically the 2013 film La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty). It is absurd and beautiful all at the same time.


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Next Episode – Jonathan and Jerrod read books and talk about them.