Positive Immigration Rhetoric

Jerrod Hugenot, the Associate Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of New York State, joins Jonathan for this first part of the conversation. Check out his blog Preaching and Pondering. They talk about immigration, weddings, and comic book culture.

Fable the dog joins the conversation here and there.

Riliage –

Jerrod is angry about immigration rhetoric – specifically anti-immigration rhetoric. He reminds us that our country is primarily populated by immigrants and that we need to be very careful when we hear and say that certain people should not be allowed into the country.


Jonathan is in Albany for a wedding and thus is getting angry about weddings. Mostly about the extravagance that is spent on a wedding and the lack of emphasis on the ceremony. Something spiritual happens in a wedding ceremony; some may say something religious, and that tends to get lost with all of the other junk that happens in the wedding.



Shame on Jonathan and Jerrod! They did not offer a scripture for this episode. Sure, they suggest that the listener look at John 17:21 and think about Christian Unity, but for various reasons could not get into it on their own.


Watcha’ Into

Jerrod is into Comic Culture. He loves his DC comics (and some Marvel) as well as anything having anything to do with Dr. Who. Jerrod likes to play with toys and read comic books.

Jonathan is into the key of E Major on the bassoon. Nerd!


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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Jerrod Hugenot – they talk about books!