Low Brass and Woodwinds

Tuba player and church pastor, Doug Avilesbernal joins Jonathan to get angry, and get into scripture. Put a bassoonist with a tuba player and you will get a whole lot of awesome!


Riliage –

Jonathan is angry about Kim Davis and her understanding of religious liberty – not the same kind of persecution that many others have endured. She is not really enduring persecution at all, except by her own doing.

Doug is angry about simple-minded internet memes. They are the bumper stickers of the internet



James 2:1-4, 14-17 – how do we be good enough – try to remember the importance of grace


Watcha’ Into

Doug is into David Mcraney’s book You are Not So Smart, but he is not taking it that seriously.

Jonathan is into The End of Your Life Book Club, by William Schwalbe – he doesn’t really like it, but what else can you expect from Jonathan. And, isn't this the third time he has mentioned that he has read Proust? We get it, you think you are smart. Get over it.



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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Doug about faith, Mozart, and Don Giovanni