Breathing Out God

Season 8, Episode 4a – Breathing Out God

The deep conversation that Jonathan had with Jesse Dooley, a lay person and Eucharistic Minister at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI. Jesse is also the group facilitator of Progressive Christian Mysticism, and Progressive Christians for Progressive Muslims. Jesse is very progressive. Read his blog… it is really good.


In this conversation we hear the story of Jesse’s time with doubt and disbelief. He talks about what it was like to enter into a time of his life when he decided to not believe anything.


It is one thing to commit to a belief without any question, to blindly accept the tenets of a religious community. Some may say that such a level of belief takes a certain amount of courage. But to let go, to breath out God and to live as if there is no God or divine presence at all takes a different kind of courage. It is living in an isolation that might be liberating for some and terrifying for others.


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