Idols Being Idols

The infamous, angry, and insightful Phineas Marr joins Jonathan again for another engaging and insightful conversation. Phineas is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Kenosha, WI and an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Carthage College.


The Deep Conversation –

We have “The Word” and then we have words. We have Holy Scripture, and then we have books that contain the words that we understand to be holy. Do the words themselves make the item holy? Is a Bible more than just another book because of the words that are found within it?


Beyond that, there are words and then there is the truth that can be found within the words. The words of scripture are speaking to a deeper and greater truth, but many have a tendency to focus on the words, to let the words become an idol and miss the greater truth that those words are speaking towards. It is important to have a sense of reverence towards the words that are found in the Bible, and to have a sense of holy with a Bible, but to never let your reverence towards a word or a book cloud and confuse your relationship with the divine. That is the truth towards which we are all drawn.


So, treat your Bible with respect, but take it off the pedestal. Don’t let the Bible become an idol.


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