Live: Rants and Gospel

 A Live Show!

On June 21st, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, American Baptists from around the country gathered to marvel, wonder, and celebrate the wisdom and brilliance of three special guests… and Jonathan. This was at the ABC/USA National Biennial Mission Summit. The guests were: Mindi Welton-Mitchell, pastor of Queen Anne Baptist Church, Jamie Washam, pastor of the First Baptist Church in America, and Molly Marshall, President of Central Baptist Seminary. A panel of excellence to say the least!


For this episode there was light and powerful riliage about people trying to ban shows, about the tragedy and horrific reality of gun violence, and the dangers of male, macho-ism in the church. And Jonathan doesn’t like it when people don’t follow the rules.


The main topic was about evangelism and social justice. There are those who feel that social justice can get in the way of sharing the Gospel, but for this panel, there is no way to separate one from the other. Our witness to the revelation of Jesus Christ calls us to do works of justice for the least, the forgotten, and those wounded by society. Social justice is evangelism!



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Next Episode – First, part 4 of the Wilderness series and then, a conversation with Mark Chaffin about gender and masculinity