Old and Tired?

Michael Strickland is back! It is always fun to have Michael on the show because he reminds Jonathan again and again what it is that he doesn’t know. Michael is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atchison, Kansas.


About a year ago, Andy Stanley preached a sermon that suggested that Christians do not need to spend time with the Old Testament. He states that we should, “unhitch” ourselves from the Old Testament. So, instead of speaking about one particular scripture passage, Jonathan and Michael decide that it might be best to talk about the entire Bible. A Scripture episode for the books!


It is important to be aware of how one approaches and reads the Bible, and to be honest about one’s approach. The Bible is a complex collection of writings, sayings, and experiences all concerning the presence and nature of God. We need to be aware and sensitive of the various ways the Bible speaks to itself as well as to us in the modern day.


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