It's Complicated

Jonathan gets to talk to a real-life author! Someone who took time not only to write something down, but to have it scrutinized by an editor, changed, bound, printed, and then offered in bookstores. This is no small thing, and adds to the real privilege it is to talk to Suzanne Ross, author of The Wicked Truth: When Good People Do Bad Things, and one of the founders of the Raven Foundation.

Riliage –

Some people are not sure about religious freedom towards Muslims and this ticks Jonathan off. It seems so obvious, but not everyone is clear on the obvious.

Suzanne is angry about righteous indignation that is found on the left/progressive side of political values, cultural values, etc. She is not against the values or the ideals, but the idea that everybody has to be on the same page or there is something wrong with that individual. Sometimes people are just not on the same page!


Matthew 15:1-20- speaking to the mess of life and spirituality and the ways in which we are in part responsible for the crap that we find in the world

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan has read and enjoyed Anthony Doerr’s book All the Light We Cannot See. It is a very well written and captivating.

Suzanne, not able to sit still for too long, is considering writing a play about Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori education technique and the ways in which her approach intersects with mimetic theory. She is still looking for a great, catchy title, so let her know if you have any ideas.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Suzanne Ross about a deep reading of the musical Wicked