What happens when Jonathan gets together with someone who is into sports, or at least fantasy sports leagues? You get Baseball Larping (Live Action Role Playing). Brent Newberry, pastor at First Baptist Church of Worcester, MA, is the guest for this episode. Brent is new to the North (which is the topic for the next episode). He has a box of books to go through, and lots of fun experiences and stories to share.

Riliage –

In probably their most esoteric riliage ever – Jonathan starts with his anger about a poor understanding and practice of epistemology (the theory of how we know).  It was the Republican National Convention that Jonathan saw someone who decided to believe something despite all of the evidence and facts that spoke to the opposite. Yet this individual claimed that because he believed it that it must be true. This is no way to live in the world where reality is up to the subjectivity of the individual. Even though you may not like it, some things are just not going to go your way and you are going to have to deal with that!

Brent, continuing the intellectual rant, has problems with people who hog the armrests on airplanes. If you sit on the aisle seat or in the window seat, then you will have at least one armrest just for you. However, if you sit in the middle then you have to negotiate with the people on either side of you for an armrest. This is unjust and all those who sit on either side should not presume to monopolize the armrests.


Matthew 26:69-75 – what is your accent ad will it betray you? It is easy to hide our Christian accent and this is not necessarily a good thing. Speak fully with your accent!

Watcha’ Into

There is an “off-beat” show that has captured Jonathan’s attention – Comedy Bang! Bang! It is a bit bizarre and a bit fun. Right up Jonathan’s alley.

Brent is into Fantasy Baseball. Maybe some day he can wake up and play real baseball. Or fantasy baseball with knights and magicians and elves.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Brent about being in a different context/culture