Slow Down, You Move to Fast

Cheryl Harris is back, joining Jonathan in this first part of the conversation concerning the pace of our life, the book of Ruth, and reading good books. Cheryl is the pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Attleboro.

Riliage –

It is not all or nothing. Jonathan seems to be having a difficult time trying to come to terms with in his own life. For example, he seems to think that either he needs to be deep in the woods backpacking or not in nature at all. Yet life is not about an all or nothing – it is not a zero-sum game, but something that calls for compromise, for small tastes of experiences at time and at other times a larger experience. Do what you can with what you have and try to make the most out of experiences and out of life.

Cheryl does not like being busy and has been working to find ways to pause. The “busy” aspect of life tends to be overwhelming and exhausting – find a place to unwind! She has recently found a park and asks that you not go to that park so she can relax.


The Book of Ruth – a book that tells more than just a story about two women but a story about who God is. In the narrative we get a sense of the movement and the character and the nature of the Lord.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan has recently read Steinbeck’s great work Travels with Charley and highly recommends it. A very good read.

Cheryl has been reading David Brook’s book The Road to Character – it is also very good.


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Next Episode – the deep conversation with Cheryl Harris – Richard Wright’s classic book Black Boy