A Baptist Rodeo

Guest Hosts – Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy – Lead Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dayton, Ohio. Check out Rod’s website: www.answersingthegospels.org

Keeping with this new and different format, we are listening to the first part of the conversation Jonathan had with Rod Kennedy. Jonathan knows Rod from the time that he was Rod’s associate pastor at First Baptist, Dayton. That church has never been the same since Jonathan has left. Rod has recently gained fame as the Baptist pastor who baptized an infant; he and Jonathan discuss that in the second part of this episode (yet to be released). For now, get to know Rod with all the riliage, scripture, and “into.”

Riliage –

For fun, Rod likes to look at things like the Baptist Press and see what crazy things other Baptists are doing. For example, the creation museum in Kentucky where they are trying to build a version of the Ark to scale. Maybe they should watch Raiders of the Lost Ark before going any further.

Jonathan is ticked off at the comic-nerd community that is having issues with Michael B. Jordan playing the part of Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Come on nerds!


Mark 13:1-4 – some fun, apocalyptic passages that harken back to Daniel and speak to the difficulty of being a Christian.

Watcha’ Into

Jonathan just re-watched The Godfather II – a family values movie

Rod is into Will Campbell and the Cincinnati Reds – one is sure to disappoint


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Next episode: the second half of the conversation with Rod Kennedy