Advent Survival Guide

Slightly out of order, the deep conversation with Michael Mercier, Director of Spiritual Care at Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital as well as the pastor of Allendale Baptist Church in Providence. Jonathan and Michael discuss Advent, what it means, different ways to understand and engage with it. The other parts of the conversation will be posted soon.


For this deep conversation, Michael and Jonathan talk about the reasons for Advent. It is not a time to go shopping or to bake your favorite cookies or anything else of that nature. It is a time to prepare for the encounter with the incarnation of Christ in the world and in our lives.


In Advent, we should be thinking about what the incarnation means in our lives and what it means for the world. It is no small thing to say that God is born and becomes one of us in the fullest. It is no small thing to say that God will suffer and celebrate, love and weep with humanity. In Advent, we should look to live in such a way that sets us apart from the ways in which the rest of our culture engages in the “Christmas Spirit.” Also, Jonathan and Michael make the bold move to say that there may be a way that Thomas Aquinas is wrong. Maybe.


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Next Episode – the Riliage, Scripture, and Watcha’ Into with Michael Mercier