Down With Biblical Languages!

A new guest – Michael Strickland, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atchison, Kansas

Riliage –

Jonathan is ticked off about the small focused narratives that many people seem to embrace without an iota of critical thought or consideration of other points of view. He fails to mention that he has his own narrative and refuses to consider the points of view of other people. Jerk.

Michael is ticked off about pastors referencing the Greek or the Hebrew words in sermons. It is one thing to do the research, to have the knowledge in the sermon itself, but be very careful when you make a direct reference to the word, you may be getting it wrong, you may be missing a nuance, and you most likely are losing your congregation.



Nehemiah 8:8 with wider context. Translation, interpretation, and giving sense. Community is essential.


Watcha’ Into

Michael is into taking pictures – tasteful pictures, nothing creepy – with black and white film. He is slowing down, slowing… down…

Jonathan is into the Belgium 2013 movie Broken Circle Breakdown – a beautiful, moving film with great music that deals with difficult themes.


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Next Episode – The deep conversation with Michael Strickland