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Archived Post, originally posted: 4-4-14

The topic of the day is Doubt, and Jonathan is joined by regular guest host Darin Collins, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Burrillville, RI.

 Doubt can be a tricky topic in the area of faith; there is a popular notion that if someone has a strong sense of belief then there is no room for doubt. Hogwash says Jonathan! For him, doubt can be a corrective that can lead to a deeper, more mature faith. Doubt can challenge assumptions about God, Christ, and faith in general that may not hold up to the realities of life. This does not mean one should throw out all understandings and aspects of faith, but that things should be revisited pushed and perhaps changed. One need not reject the very existence of God because there are moments of questioning. Instead one can question the understanding and assumptions about the nature of God. Remember, whenever we are talking about God we are talking about something that we know nothing about so we are going to be wrong in one way or another. Doubt can be a good thing.

Darin brought a number of theologians into the conversation, specifically John Caputo. In his book, The Weakness of God, Caputo offers a view of God where God is a part of the creative process of life. In this approach God is not in control of every little aspect and detail of life, but is still an all-knowing presence in every moment of our life. Darin also mentioned Peter Rollins’ book Insurrection and Leonardo Boff’s work Passion ofChrist, Passion of the World.

Overall, doubt can be a scary thing because you are stepping into the unknown and perhaps uncharted territory of faith, but offers a rich and deep relationship with God.

Rialage –

Jonathan is complaining about people who are complaining about being a pastor. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is tiring. So stop all the whining and get back to work (and look for the perks in your job because they are there)

Darin is tired of the creationists, especially on the heels of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Stop it creationists, you are making the rest of us look stupid!

Opening the Word

John 6:25-40. You really should read the entire chapter. Actually you should read the entire Gospel. Actually, you should read the entire Bible, but we will focus on John 6:25-40. In a brilliant exegetical move Darin shows how when Jesus walks on water he is at the same time walking all over the emperor of Rome and the political establishment. In a very real way following Jesus calls us to follow someone who is more than the political power of the day or to even give credence to the political structures. We really should put our faith in Christ over others.

Watcha’ Into

Be a nerd! Seriously, read comic books, watch True Detective, and read past issues of Wired. Be true to who you are, embrace your nerd self in whatever way that may emerge and don’t apologize for it.

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