Fourth Time's the Charm - Lectio Divina

Bible Suite, Movement 2 – Lectio Divina

Guest Host – Rev. Dr. Linda Forsberg, pastor of FirstLutheran Church in East Greenwich

It is great to have Linda back! Before you read any further, check out her blog which has lots of good stuff. 

After all of the drama and intensity of the previous episodeit will be good to consider a more thoughtful, contemplative approach to scripture. Linda not only brings a calming presence to the episode but a good, in-depth knowledge of the practice of Lectio Divina. Basically, Lectio Divina is a way of reading scripture that calls the reader to be aware of the ways in which God may be engaging the reader through that reading. The text is read four times:

Lectio – asking God what it is that you need to hear

Meditatio – asking God what it is that you need to learn

Oratio – asking God what it is that you need to do

Contemplatio – surrendering to God

With each reading one is called to listen for the ways in which God is present in that moment. It is a different way of reading the Bible from the standard Protestant approach of extensive word studies, in-depth historical overview, and focusing on other forms of minutia. There is something to be said to taking time to just listen for the way God is speaking through a passage.

Rialage –

Linda is angry about bad theology that can be harmful and damaging – spoiler alert, she is not fond of original sin (but who is?)

Jonathan is ticked at people who are pro-climate change and those who decide to do nothing about it, those lazy people who keep living the same way, who don’t make any sacrifices, and never want to change the way they live. Basically, Jonathan is angry at Jonathan.


Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32

A rare, calm moment for Ezekiel when he rails against bad theology… it is no surprise that it is used on this podcast

Watcha’ Into

Linda is into 100 miles of bicycle riding as a way to increase awareness of the “Church Beyond Walls” in Providence, RI

Jonathan is into the Bach Cello Suites. He is into playing them on the bassoon which can be problematic or a shock for many cellists, but what does he care, he is a bassoonist!