The Hike

The Adirondack wilderness is rugged, to say the least. It has terrain that will push and challenge as well as inspire and strike awe to the open and receptive hiker. The high-peaks region is where the 4,000 feet tall or more mountains can be found. This is not an easy, rest-by-the-beach trip but one that can be relaxing and rejuvenating in a different way.

We offer a four or five day backpacking trip into the high-peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York with time and focus for prayer, engaging scripture, and being connected with creation.

Why These Mountains?

Aside from having a unique kind of beauty and presence, one can easily “base camp” a number of the Adirondack Mountains in one trip. This means that you carry all of your gear to the base of a range, but when you go up the mountain you need only carry a day-pack with the essentials for that day and return to the base camp for the evening. For those who have never climbed mountains before, this can be a much more reasonable way to experience the mountains and the wilderness.


The Spiritual Component

We offer a non-sectarian, ecumenical, interfaith focus. You will be encouraged to take time to listen, to be silent, will be offered guiding questions, readings to contemplate, and will be invited to share. The level of engagement will depend on the comfort of the individuals on the trip.

Is This For You?

If you desire or yearn for some time to be “disconnected,” to push yourself, and to enjoy the small company of fellowship, then yes, this is for you. Be aware, the trails are not easy and you will need to be at a certain level of physical shape. But do not be put-off or discouraged, many who never thought they could climb a mountain find that it is possible and rewarding.